Flu/H1N1/Swine Flu

Should you see a doctor for the flu? Maybe, maybe not

KSTP-TV, Jan. 10, 2018] According to the Minnesota Department of Health, this marks the peak period of flu season. Some who get ill elect to go to a doctor for diagnosis. But others, are choosing to stay home. At eVisit, the online diagnostic service operated by Allina Health, activity was up 26 percent in November […]

Flu worsens dramatically in Minnesota

[KMSP Fox 9, Jan. 4, 2017] The flu is widespread across Minnesota and experts note it’s not letting up. The latest numbers out from the Minnesota Department of Health show the numbers have roughly doubled within a week. Infectious disease specialist with Allina Health, Dr. Frank Rhame says the latest numbers from MDH show influenza […]

Allina Health hospitals start visitor restrictions due to flu

[KSTP-TV, Jan. 2, 2018] It’s the middle of the flu season in Minnesota. And as such, Allina Health is taking steps at all of its facilities to prevent influenza from spreading. Starting Tuesday, new visitor restrictions are in place at each of Allina Health’s 12 hospitals and more than 90 clinics. Allina has seen an […]

As flu spreads, Allina hospitals restricting visitors

[WCCO-TV, Dec. 29, 2017] The flu is now considered “widespread” across Minnesota. In other words, the flu virus has been reported at hospitals all over the state. Allina Health hospitals are placing restrictions on visitors to stop the spread. “We say stay at home if you can,” said Dr. Frank Rhame, an infectious disease specialist […]

Study links flu vaccine to miscarriages

[KARE 11, Sept. 13, 2017] A new study has found a link between flu vaccines and pregnancy miscarriages. The study contradicts all previous similar studies. Allina Health Clinic infectious disease specialist, Dr. Frank Rhame, talked with KARE 11 News and what this study means.

Influenza now widespread in Minnesota

[KMSP Fox 9, Feb. 2, 2017] The Minnesota Department of Health now says influenza is widespread in the state, but the total number of cases are still not great. Allina Health Clinics infectious disease specialist, Dr. Frank Rhame, says that doesn’t mean we couldn’t see a late surge in cases, though he’s hopeful that isn’t […]

Minnesota sees increase in norovirus cases

[KARE 11, Feb. 1, 2017] It’s flu season, but Minnesotans are also getting hit by the norovirus. The Minnesota Department of Health is reporting 60 outbreaks of the virus since October 1, 2016. It’s reported more than 200,000 around the world die from the virus each year. The virus causes severe vomiting and diarrhea. It’s […]

Cold and flu season starting up in Twin Cities

[KMSP Fox 9, Jan. 23, 2017] The winter cough and cold bugs are circulating right now in the Twin Cities, but so far, the flu number have remained fairly low. Allina Health Clinics infectious disease physician Dr. Frank Rhame talked with Fox 9 News about how things are progressing this season.

It’s time for your flu shot

[KMSP Fox 9, November 7, 2016] If you haven’t already, it’s time to get you flu vaccine shot. Allina Health Clinic infectious disease specialist, Dr. Frank Rhame, talked with Fox 9 News about this year’s flu shot formulations and who needs to get a shot.

It’s time for your flu shot

[KSTP-TV, October 16, 2016] It’s that time of the year to think about getting your flu shot. Allina Health infectious disease specialist Dr. Ashley Newberry talked with KSTP-TV News about this year’s immunizations.