Use of Allina Health mental health and wellness tools to help kids at home jumps 160%

Use of Allina Health mental health and wellness tools to help kids at home jumps 160%

[Owatonna People’s Press, May 1, 2020] The use of Allina Health’s Change to Chill and Health Powered Kids websites has increased dramatically since Minnesota schools were closed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The free sites provide tools for teens to manage stress and lessons for younger children on nutrition, physical fitness and mind-body balance. […]

Virtual doctor visits skyrocket

[WCCO-TV, April 30, 2020] As you might imagine virtual doctor visits have taken off since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. What wasn’t expected is just how much they’ve changed the health care landscape At Allina Health, two months ago they were doing 20 to 30 virtual visits a day. Now, they are helping about […]

Doctors give advice for whether you should get help if you don’t have a coronavirus issue

[Hearst News, April 30, 2020] As hospitals nationwide braced for a surge of COVID-19 cases, other patients seemingly disappeared. Patients are wondering whether it’s still safe to go to the hospital if you have an emergency not related to COVID-19. A new study by a dozen doctors at nine U.S. hospitals found a 38% drop […]

Doctors re-thinking use of ventilators for COVID-19 patients

[KMSP Fox 9, April 29, 2020] Doctors in Minnesota are re-thinking the rush to put COVID-19 patients on ventilators as they learn more about what the virus does to the body. In fact, they’re using the equipment now as a last-ditch option. “We’re learning on the fly with this disease and unfortunately that’s a lot […]

Minnesota patients anxiously waiting for surgery delayed by COVID-19

[Star Tribune, April 29, 2020] Delays of nonessential surgeries in Minnesota have caused anxious waits for patients needing treatments that sound a lot more serious than the word “elective” might imply. The good news, doctors say, is a delay in the surge of COVID patients combined with an increase in testing capabilities is creating a […]

COVID-19 testing ramping up, Allina Health now offers eight locations

[WCCO-TV, April 28, 2020] State Health officials say Minnesota can currently test roughly 2,400 patients a day for suspected COVID-19. That number is up from 927 tests per day a week ago — and the goal is to increase testing to 5,000 a day by Monday. Allina Health is now ready now to test all […]

New Ulm Medical Center doc headed to Iraq

[KEYC-TV, April 26, 2020] Dr. Brian Lovig is an emergency physician at Allina Health’s New Ulm Medical Center. He’s also been a member of the Minnesota National Guard for 17 years. For him, his wife and three kids, life is about to change. He’s being deployed to Iraq with his guard unit. But not before […]

Plasma therapy to fight COVID-19

[WCCO-TV, April 26, 2020] Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s husband John Bessler on Sunday announced his recent participation in an experimental treatment for COVID-19 after recovering from the virus himself. Officials say he was the seventh person to donate plasma as part of a program in Minnesota. Thousands of other recovered COVID-19 patients have participated nationwide. Bessler […]

Tips for navigating mental health in quarantine

[WCCO-TV, April 25, 2020] There’s no question that dealing with the stresses of the COVID-19 quarantine are taking a toll on everybody. Allina Health psychiatrist Dr. Mary Beth Lardizabal talked with WCCO News about the best ways to handle that stress.

More COVID-19 testing sites being added

[WCCO-TV, April 24, 2020] With a push to increase COVID-19 testing, more and more sites are becoming available to get testing. Most anyone with a virtus symptom can now get tested, though you’ll need to call ahead to make an appointment. Allina Health Laboratory vice president Heather Dawson talked to WCCO News about the increased […]