Allina Health EMS

Making ambulances and EMS safer for everyone

[KMSP Fox 9, Sept. 15, 2015] In the wake of a tragic accident between an Allina ambulance and an SUV on a snowy night in January 2014, Allina Health EMS has been on a mission to make ambulances safer for the paramedics, their patients and the motorists they share the road with. The results has […]

Allina launches program to recruit diverse EMT candidates in Mpls.

[KSTP-TV, Aug. 28, 2015] Creating jobs and saving lives for and with people of diverse ethnicities—Allina Health EMS partnered with St. Paul Fire to do so last year. Now, Allina is kicking off a first-of-its-kind Emergency Medical Technician training in Minneapolis, called Allina Health EMS Freedom House EMT Academy.

Allina Health EMS dispatcher honored as national dispatcher of the year

[Firehouse Magazine, April 29, 2015] Emergency Medical Dispatcher James Domeier with Allina Health EMS (Minn.) is the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch’s (IAED) recipient of the NAVIGATOR 2015 Dispatcher of the Year Award. Domeier is also a National Guardsman and is on active duty right now in the Middle East. Presented to Domeier on April […]

First responders ramp up for possible Ebola cases

[Star Tribune, Oct. 29, 2014] As national, state and local leaders debate quarantines and other measures to combat Ebola, Twin Cities first responders have ­quietly introduced new protocols and reinforced existing ones. Allina Health Emergency Medical Services, which provides ambulance service to thousands of people in suburban and rural parts of the state, has repackaged […]

Allina leads transporting mental health patients without stigma of flashing lights

[Star Tribune, July 17, 2014] Allina Health, along with a number of hospitals and local officials across Minnesota, is trying new ways to transport mental health patients in a more dignified manner, such as unmarked vehicles with plainclothes paramedics. They aim to reduce the stigma associated with a psychiatric crisis while also reducing the enormous […]

Snow creates more close calls for Allina ambulance crews

[KARE 11, Feb. 26, 2014] Even in the business of close calls, winter has come too close for Twin Cities’ first responders. “There is just no place to put the snow. The roads have become narrow, sidewalks aren’t necessarily done, it’s narrower to get into people’s houses as well ,” said Jeff Lanenberg, an Allina […]

Paramedic injured in head-on crash reflects on recovery

[KMSP Fox 9, Feb. 20. 2014] On Jan. 18, Allina Health EMS paramedic Brian Nagel suffered a broken neck, a fractured skull, a head injury and doctors had to reconstruct his eye, the result of a head-on crash that also severely injured his Allina partner Tim Daly. Just one month later, he left the hospital […]

Extreme cold adds obstacles for emergency responders

[KARE 11, Jan. 6, 2014] Twin Cities paramedics had an extra obstacle to deal with Monday in getting injured Minnesotans to area hospitals. The extreme cold meant some changes in ambulance procedures. Allina Ambulances used lights and sirens responding to every outside call because of the danger of someone remaining in the cold while injured. […]

Cold weather brings carbon monoxide dangers

[KARE 11, Jan. 6, 2013] With cold weather comes the increased use of wood-burning stoves, gas cooking ranges and fireplaces for heat. However, there is a hidden danger in these heat options and it happens when too much carbon monoxide accumulates in an enclosed, poorly ventilated space. Dr. Charles Lick, Allina Health EMS medical director, […]

Prepare for heat and humidity

[KSTP TV, July 11, 2013] High heat and humidity present special challenges to athletes, but they know how to prepare for them. The rest of need to be careful. Allina Health EMS operations manager Bruce Hildebrandt talked to KSTP TV’s Tim Sherno about what to look out for.