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Wedum Hospice dedicates flagpole in honor of veterans

[CCX Media, November 8, 2019] Alline Health’s J.A. Wedum Residential Hospice has a new honor for veterans. The hospice dedicated its new flag pole on Friday. The Minnesota National Guard’s Funeral Honors Team was at their Brooklyn Park campus to raise the flag for the first time. Staff at the hospice center say veterans are […]

37th annual Courage Kenny Classic Wheelchair Basketball Tournament

[WCCO-TV, November 3, 2019] The 37th annual Courage Kenny Classic Wheelchair Basketball Tournament wrapped up over the weekend. As WCCO-TV reported, the tournament featured some of the best teams and athletes in the country.

‘Comfort care’ sparks a national end-of-life discussion

[KARE 11, May 1, 2018] Shortly before her death, former First Lady Barbara Bush chose to receive “comfort care” instead of further medical treatment. Mrs. Bush’s decision re-ignited a national discussion over exactly what that means, and what options are available to people in the final stages of life. Lisa Abicht-Swensen is the Director of […]

After ‘death panel’ nonsense, Medicare adopts improved hospice policy

[Star Tribune, August 30, 2015] Norman Mossberg of Coon Rapids was a loving husband and father. Still, the Vietnam combat veteran and retired bricklayer grew up at a time when men were taught to be taciturn. That makes one of his last gifts to his family, and to his fellow Minnesotans, even more extraordinary. Months […]

Late-in-life: Innovations focus on care coordination and tailored support

[MinnPost, Nov. 17, 2014] Health-care organizations, including Allina Health, and others across the nation are testing innovative ideas for helping late-life patients coordinate their complex treatment regimens. At the same time, they are exploring patient-centered alternatives to the old doctor-knows-best model. “When you tend to people’s real wishes, real goals, they make choices that work […]

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Late-in-life care for the chronically ill

[MinnPost, March 18, 2014] This is the first in an occasional series on late-in-life health care — when chronic illness or a constellation of medical problems can cause a cascade of new needs, complications and worries. This yearlong examination of issues faced by such patients and their families is funded through a regrant by Allina […]

Hospice music therapists hit the right note

[Star Tribune, Feb. 18, 2014] Harry Oxley settles deeper into his oversized recliner, his deep-set eyes glistening as Sarah Newberry snugs her guitar into her lap. As her lilting voice glides into “The Girl That I Marry,” Oxley smiles, then manages to sing a few words here and there, despite the oxygen tube running into […]

Allina mobile app helps answer pregnancy questions

[KARE 11, Feb. 12, 2014] There’s a new mobile resource for expectant mom’s and dad’s. Beginnings: Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond from Allina Health offers quick and easy access to things you need to know about pregnancy, childbirth and newborn care. This award-winning book and the free companion mobile application on Apple iPad®, iPhone®, and iPod […]

Bluebird man forms friendship in dying days

[KARE, Dec. 12, 2013] For most of his life Dick Willis has been caring for others. He stepped up when his country needed him during World War II and then he came home to raise five children. Now, at the age of 92, Willis is need of some mothering himself. Willis is dying. He knows […]

In depth on hospice care

[Minnesota Public Radio, Jan. 28, 2013] Hospice use in the United State is growing, yet myths and misunderstandings remain. What should families know? Allina Health Hospice director Gloria Cade answered some of those question on MPR’s Daily Circuit.