Schulze Foundation gives $2 million for Abbott Northwestern ICU

Schulze Foundation gives $2 million for Abbott Northwestern ICU

[Pioneer Press, June 29, 2015] A $2 million donation from the Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation will help Abbott Northwestern Hospital expand its neurological intensive care unit and treat more patients with injuries and disorders to the brain and spinal cord. Schulze, who founded Best Buy, noted in a hospital news release that neurological disorders […]

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Minnesota man recounts lengthy journey to recovery from cerebral hemorrhage

[Duluth News Tribune, June 30, 2015] On a November morning in 2011, Kraig Lee was hit with the worst headache of his life. The 58-year-old Wannaksa farmer took several over-the-counter pain pills. They didn’t help. He called his wife, Bonnie, who was at work at the family’s hardware store in Wannaska. By the time she […]

Inside Your Health Special: Stroke – When Seconds Count

[KSTP-TV, June 29, 2015] Every 40 seconds, someone in the United States suffers a stroke. Someone will die of a stroke every four minutes, making it one of the top five leading causes of death in the country. In this special edition of “Inside Your Health,” Dr. Archelle Georgiou takes a closer look at the […]

Yoga therapy helps man with traumatic brain injury

[KARE-TV, June 16, 2015] A lot of people use yoga to stay in shape, but there is another use for it many people may not know much about. It’s helping 60-year-old Steve Stoner of Hugo. Two years ago, he had a bad fall down a flight of stairs at home. Steve was in the hospital […]

Woman walks down aisle despite initially fatal MS diagnosis

[KMSP-TV, June 7, 2015] Sara Woelflin’s walk down the aisle in Minneapolis on Saturday represented a major milestone beyond its obvious significance for soon-to-be nuptials. Just 5 years ago, she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at age 25, and according to her doctor from the Noran Clinic at Abbott Northwestern, her case was especially unusual. […]

A couple of tragic events on sports fields leads Jordana to find out more on aneurysms

A couple of tragic events on sports fields leads Jordana to find out more on aneurysms

[WCCO-AM, May 28, 2015] The family of a 15-year-old Bemidji boy who died last weekend after being hit by a baseball says an aneurysm may have caused his death. The boy was pitching when he was struck by a line drive. With baseball season just ramping up, this tragedy has many parents understandably concerned. WCCO-AM’s […]

What causes “brain freeze?”

[WCCO-TV, May 27, 2015] On a warm day like today, some ice cream sounds like a good idea. But eat it too fast and you could get that cold headache — brain freeze. So what causes that pain in your head from eating cold food too fast? That’s the Good Question WCCO-TV put to Abbott […]

Woman gives birth then has brain surgery at Abbott Northwestern Hospital

Woman gives birth then has brain surgery at Abbott Northwestern Hospital

[KARE-TV, May 10, 2015] Mother’s Day will never be the same for a Minneapolis family. Earlier this year, doctors diagnosed Chelsea Hammond, 31, with a brain tumor; she was eight months pregnant. “We have a very large tumor, we have a pressure effect on the brain and we have a patient who is in her […]

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How a Faribault, Minn. man survived a stroke while driving

[KMSP Fox 9, April 29, 2015] When he did finally get the car stopped, his wife was nowhere in sight. It was then, luck (or fate) came into play. His daughter, Shannon Nelson, lives in Faribault, about 10 miles from her parents’ home outside of town. It was while she was running an errand to […]

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Aneurysm device study looking for volunteers

[KARE-TV, Jan. 13, 2015] Wendy Salter keeps a selfie of sorts on her phone. It’s a picture of blood vessels in her brain and an aneurysm protruding from them. Showing the picture, she laughed, “It looks like a stick person so if you think about it, it’s like your subconscious.” The head of the stick […]