Life-changing pacemaker for the brain

[KMSP-TV, March 23, 2016] For 30 years, a Maplewood man hasn’t been able to do some of the simplest things because of essential tremor. Recently, he had surgery at Abbott Northwestern Hospital that has dramatically changed his life.

Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute attains U.S. Paralympics club status

[WCCO-TV, February, 21, 2016] U.S. Paralympics, a division of the United States Olympic Committee, recently announced that Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute has been recognized as a Bronze Level Club as a part of the Paralympic Sport Club Excellence Program, which also recognizes 57 other clubs across the country. An example of how Courage Kenny supports […]

Study links lack of sleep to Alzheimer’s

[KMSP-TV, January 12, 2016] Not getting enough sleep can lead to more problems than sleepiness. A new study indicates sleep problems can cause physical effects associated with dementia. Dr. John Damergis, a sleep expert at Noran Neurological Clinic at Abbott Northwestern Hospital, talked about sleep on KMSP-TV. Dr. Okeanis Vauo also discussed this topic with […]

Technology provides Cambridge woman with alternative methods for brain aneurysm treatment

[Isanti County News, November 11, 2015] An innovative medical device is providing physicians with a safer way to treat brain aneurysms. The Pipeline embolization device is a braided wire mesh cylindrical device that is placed across the neck of an aneurysm, a blood-filled ballooning wall of a blood vessel. This device saved a Cambridge woman […]

Robin Williams diagnosis inspires interest in Lewy body dementia

[KMSP-TV, November 8, 2015] For the first time, actor Robin Williams’ widow said Williams had been diagnosed with Lewy body dementia. And that was likely the reason he committed suicide. Tacjana Friday, MD, neurologist with Noran Neurological Clinic at Abbott Northwestern Hospital, talked with KMSP-TV about the relatively common condition.

Okeanis Vaou, MD

Neurologist explains the type of dementia Robin Williams had

[WCCO-AM, November 5, 2015] The widow of the late Robin Williams said the reason he likely committed suicide was because he was diagnosed with Lewy body dementia. Okeanis Vaou, MD, neurologist with Noran Neurological Clinic at Abbott Northwestern Hospital talked about the condition with WCCO-AM.

The Pipeline  device is used at Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis.

Health beat: Specialists screening when to leave brain aneurysms alone

[Star Tribune, September 27, 2015] Doctors at Abbott Northwestern Hospital have had success treating brain aneurysms with new, thicker “Pipeline” stents that direct blood past the potentially deadly bulges in blood vessels in the brain. And they’re studying a spherical WEB stent that does the same for tricky aneurysms that form at the junctures of […]

Pioneer Press photo

For Minnesota woman with an aneurysm, patience was needed every step of the way

[Pioneer Press, September 27, 2015] The Rev. Diane Nelson of Cambridge, Minn., was walking around with a golf-ball-sized bomb inside her head. “I survived an aneurysm, a giant aneurysm,” says Nelson, 61, a United Methodist pastor who is on a family leave of absence. “Thankfully, it never burst. Why it didn’t burst, I don’t know. […]

Too much overtime can increase your stroke risk

[KMSP-TV, September 22, 2015] If you thought a little hard work never hurt anyone, think again. There’s a new study in the British medical journal the Lancet that you should see. In a meta-analysis of 17 studies that involved approximately 530,000 men and women from Europe, the United States and Australia, researchers from University College […]

New warnings on common over-the-counter pain pills

[KMSP-TV, July 25, 2015] The federal government is strengthening an existing label warning that non-aspirin nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) increase the chance of a heart attack or stroke. Dr. Yasha Kayan, an interventional neuroradiologist with Consulting Radiologists at Abbott Northwestern Hospital, part of Allina Health, talked about the studies that lead to the decision with […]