Recognizing dementia

[WCCO-AM, February 23, 2017] Actor David Cassidy recently announced he is retiring because he has dementia. Richard Golden, MD, neurologist with Noran Neurological Clinic at Abbott Northwestern Hospital, was interviewed about dementia warning signs, prevention and treatment.

Are stress and strokes connected?

[KARE 11, Jan. 14, 2017] Actress Debbie Reynold’s recent death has many wondering about the connection between stress and sudden stroke. Reynolds passed away in December, just one day after her daughter, actress Carrie Fisher died. Dr. Ronald Tarrel is a neurologist with Noran Neurological Clinic and Abbott Northwestern Hospital, and he joined talked with […]

Lesser known causes of stroke

[KARE 11, November 21, 2016] Dr. Josser Delgado, an interventional neuroradiologist at Abbott Northwestern Hospital, talked with KARE 11 News about arterial dissection. This less-known cause of stroke was in the news recently after a social media sensation and model died unexpectedly after developing neck pain.

Why exercise is good for the brain

[KMSP-TV, October 2, 2016] Skipping exercise might affect the waistline. But what about the brain? Tacjana Friday, M.D., neurologist with Noran Neurological Clinic and Abbott Northwestern Hospital, explains how exercise benefits the brain and how that translates into better health overall.

How to improve your kids’ sleep habits

[KMSP Fox 9, Sept. 24, 2016] In some houses it’s a regular battle, getting the kids down to sleep at a regular time, especially now that they’re back in school. Dr. Eric Hernandez, a sleep medicine specialist who practices at Abbott Northwestern Hospital, talked with Fox 9 News about why sleep is important for kids […]

Keeping your mind busy is good for you

[KMSP Fox 9, July 29, 2016] We know exercising your body is good for you, but how about your brain. Dr. Ron Tarrel, a neurologist who practices at Abbott Northwestern Hospital talked with Fox 9 about why keeping your mind active is good for you, too.

A closer look at Parkinson’s disease

[KMSP Fox 9, June 20, 2016] The death of Muhammad Ali has brought Parkinson’s disease to the attention of the public again. Abbott Northwestern Hospital’s neurologist, Dr. Okeanis Vaou, talked with Fox 9 News about the disease and new developments for treating it.

Train your brain for sleep

[KSTP-TV, May 21, 2016] If you’re tossing and turning night after night, doctors are now saying you should put away the pill bottle and try talk therapy. Local psychologist Michael Schmitz, who specializes in behavioral sleep medicine at Abbott Northwestern, says there are new guidelines you should try therapy before pills.

Pioneer Press photo

Courage St. Croix helps Hudson man manage chronic pain

[Pioneer Press, May 16, 2016] “I was in complete agony. I couldn’t stand up,” Kubasta said. “Everybody else had gone home. … I had to crawl into my truck to get home.” It took nine months of medical appointments to determine that his back was broken. Three months later, he had lumbar spinal fusion surgery […]

Study says your brain needs you to exercise

[WCCO-AM, April 6, 2016] There is one thing you can start doing today to improve your brainpower and maintain your memory as you age- exercise! A new study confirms what neurologist Dr. Ronald Tarrel from Noran Neurological and Abbott Northwestern tells his patients- exercising is key to memory and thinking down the road.