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The dangers of flavored vaping products

[WCCO-TV, Feb. 29, 2020] There has been a lot of talk about whether states or the federal government should ban flavored vaping products. Allina Health pulmonologist Dr. Andrew Stiehm talked with WCCO News about the danger posed by flavored vaping products.

Is listening to an audiobook really reading?

[WCCO-TV, Feb. 27, 2020] More and more people are turning to audiobooks over actual books. In fact a local library says more people check out audiobooks than the real thing. But is listening to an audiobook a good substitute to actually reading? WCCO-TV talked to Allina Health neurologist Dr. Jesse Corry to find out.

Telemedicine is growing

[KARE 11, Feb. 19, 2020] You’re sick. You don’t have time to go to the doctor, or maybe you don’t feel like going to the doctor. Now there’s an app for that. Telemedicine is a growing field. One study found a whopping 82% of millennials would rather use telemedicine than see a doctor in person. […]

Abbott Northwestern Hospital uses wayfinding systems to improve patient experience

Abbott Northwestern Hospital uses wayfinding systems to improve patient experience

[Xtelligent Healthcare Media, Feb. 19, 2020] The GPS system isn’t just a way of the road anymore. Increasingly, these tools – known in healthcare as digital wayfinding systems – are being implemented in hospitals, where patients have to navigate winding hallways, multiple departments, and different admission and visitation protocol. This approach isn’t exactly new. Hospitals […]

What is love?

[KARE 11, February 14, 2020] Valentine’s Day is all about love. But what is love really? What happens in our brain to make us feel this emotion? Neurologist Dr. Ron Tarrel with Noran Clinic at Abbott Northwestern Hospital talked with KARE 11 about what love is, in our brain.

Is permanent Daylight Savings Time right for Minnesota?

[KSTP-TV, Feb. 12, 2020] The push for a permanent shift to daylight saving time will return to the Minnesota legislature. Several other states have already passed similar laws pending federal approval. But Allina Health sleep expert Dr. Andrew Stiehm says the change may not be the best for our health. Fox 9 News also reported […]

Heart palpitations after eating – when to be concerned and foods to avoid

[US News & World Report, Feb. 11, 2020] Most of the time, you’re probably not paying any attention to your heartbeat. Sure, you know that your heart is constantly pumping blood throughout your body. You may even track heart rate, along with other vitals, through an Apple Watch or Fitbit. But you’re probably not physically […]

How heart disease affects women differently

[MPR News, Feb. 11, 2020] Heart disease is the No. 1 killer of American women. More women die from heart attacks than men. But men are often the focus when it comes to research and talking about risks. Allina Health cardiologist Dr. Elizabeth Grey at the Minneapolis Heart Institute talked with MPR News about gender […]

River Falls Area Hospital makes tough decision to close birthing center

[KMSP Fox 9, February 10, 2020] River Falls Area Hospital located in western Wisconsin has delivered babies for more than 30 years, but come April, the birthing center at the hospital will shut its doors. It’s not the first rural hospital in the country to cut maternity care, and according to one researcher, it likely […]

Great granddaughter of Sister Kenny Institute founder tours Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute

[CCX Media, February 10, 2020] The great-granddaughter of Sister Elizabeth Kenny today toured the Allina Health Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute which was founded by Sister Kenny. Sister Kenny’s great-granddaughter Alana Biddle was able to come from Australia to take a look at the center bearing her relative’s name. “It’s very humbling to know that she […]