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He saved her mom’s life, now she’s working with him

[KARE 11, May 10, 2019] Katie Bjerke was just 11 years old when her mom suffered a life threatening brain bleed. That’s when neurosurgeon Dr. Eric Nussbaum entered their lives. He performed life-saving surgery on Katie’s mom, Debbie. More surgeries followed. Katie was awed by the work of Dr. Nussbaum and decided then that she […]

Helium shortage affects more than party balloons

[KSTP-TV, May 10, 2019] Beyond party balloons, helium is used in a number of industries you might not realize like manufacturing cell phones and other tech devices. It’s also critical for some medical procedures. “Within our MRI equipment, if we don’t have the helium we aren’t able to use the equipment,” said Julie Singewald, director […]

Dr. Rita Raverty

Lyme disease prevention walk will raise awareness

[River Falls Journal, May 10, 2019] Lyme disease is a bacterial infection spread by deer ticks and deer tick nymphs (the stage between larvae and adult), according to Dr. Rita Raverty, a family health physician with Allina Health River Falls Clinic. “The first stage of the disease is typically a flu-like illness, where people will […]