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What you need to know before taking an at-home DNA test

[KARE 11, May 2, 2018] Thinking about doing one of those at-home DNA tests? Curious about your ancestry or whether you’re predisposed to certain diseases and conditions? All that information can be compelling, but are they safe? Are they worth your money? KARE 11 News talked with Shari Baldinger, a genetics counselor at Allina Health’s […]

Staying up late may be bad for your health

[KARE 11, May 2, 2018] Love staying up late but have to get up early? A new study suggests it’s not only bad for your health, it could also be deadly! Researchers say people who consider themselves “night owls” face a higher risk of dying prematurely than “morning people”. Dr. Andrew Stiehm, a sleep specialist […]

What’s on those fruits and vegetables you buy?

[KARE 11, May 1, 2018] The annual “Dirty Dozen” list is out, vegetable and fruits with the greatest amount of pesticides on them, and for the third straight year, strawberries top the list of produce, with spinach a close second. Every year, the list sparks the debate about the advantages and disadvantages of eating organic. […]