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Movember: November is men’s health month

[WCCO-TV, November 14, 2016] Movember is a month dedicated to talking about men’s health. For many men, even talking about their own health issues is something they avoid. Allina Health urologist Dr. Pete Sershon talked with WCCO-TV about men’s health issues.

A Minneapolis neighborhood improves health from grassroots up

[Star Tribune, November 13, 2016] Lee Younger isn’t a doctor, but he makes daily rounds through the halls of his Phillips neighborhood apartment building, checking on the health of neighbors and offering help and support. Younger has been making his rounds for more than six years as a volunteer with the Backyard Initiative, a health […]

Sugar’s role in heart disease

[KARE 11, November 10, 2016] If you think that fat is the major culprit in the cause of heart disease it might be because that’s what the sugar industry wanted you to think. Preventive cardiologist, Dr. Michael Miedema, from Allina Health’s Minneapolis Heart Institute talked to KARE 11 News about sugar’s role in heart disease.

Election Stress Disorder…it’s real

[KARE 11, November 7, 2016] After what many consider the most contentious election season ever, people are talking about how stressed out they are. Allina Health Clinic psychologist, Dr. Cheryl Bemel, talked with KARE 11 News about this new condition.

It’s time for your flu shot

[KMSP Fox 9, November 7, 2016] If you haven’t already, it’s time to get you flu vaccine shot. Allina Health Clinic infectious disease specialist, Dr. Frank Rhame, talked with Fox 9 News about this year’s flu shot formulations and who needs to get a shot.

New mobile app helps treat heart attack patients

[KMSP Fox 9, November 5, 2016] The Minneapolis Heart Institute has launched a new app designed to help treat cardiac arrest and heart attack patients. MHI cardiologist, Dr. Nick Burke talk with Fox 9 News about the new app and how it helps.

New safer ambulance ready to hit road for Allina Health EMS

[KSTP-TV, Oct, 31, 2016] An ambulance crash on a snowy night in January 2014 inspired Allina Health EMS to build a safer ambulance, for its crews and for patients. Now, those new rigs are ready to hit the road around the Twin Cities. The Star Tribune also reported on the new Allina Health EMS ambulances.

More kids specializing in single sports risk injury

[WCCO Radio, October 31, 2016] It’s becoming more and more common for teens, and even younger kids, to specialize in a single sport all year long in hopes they’ll be able to play at higher levels. But the statistics are clear, kids that do are more prone to injuries than kids who play a variety […]

October is National Bullying Awareness Month

[KSTP-TV, October 30, 2016] October is National Bullying Awareness Month. The impact bullying can have on a child can truly be devastating. Allina Health Clinic psychologist, Dr. Cheryl Bemel, talked with KSTP News about how to help a child dealing with bullying.

How teen brains differ from adults

[WCCO Radio, October 29, 2016] A new study finds that teenagers’ brain work differently than adults, particularly they are more adept at taking in new information especially when a reward is involved. Dr. Jesse Corry, a neurologist with the John Nasseff Neuroscience Specialty Clinic at United Hospital in St. Paul, talked with WCCO Radio’s Esme […]