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What happens when you don’t get enough sleep

[WCCO-TV, December 1, 2016] A new report says lack of sleep costs the U.S. economy more than $400 billion a year. Sleep specialist Dr. Andrew Stiehm, from Allina’s United Lung and Sleep Clinic, talked with WCCO about that report and how lack of sleep affects our performance.

Vikings coach has detached retina

[KSTP-TV, December 1, 2016] Viking’s Mike Zimmer won’t coach tonight’s game because of a detached retina. Allina’s Phillips Eye Institute‘s Geoffrey Emerson, MD, a retina specialist, talked with reporters about how long he could be away from the field.

Vikings coach out with detached retina

[WCCO-TV, December 1, 2016] Vikings coach Mike Zimmer had to miss tonight’s game, because he’s recovering from eye surgery. Allina’s Phillips Eye Institute‘s Geoffrey Emerson, MD, a retina specialist, talked with reporters today about the condition and how it’s treated.

Vikings coach Mike Zimmer’s emergency eye surgery

[WCCO-AM, December 1, 2016] Mike Zimmer, Viking’s head coach, has to miss tonight’s game because he had surgery to repair a detached retina today. Allina’s Phillips Eye Institute Chief of Staff Geoffrey Emerson, MD, talked with WCCO Radio’s John Williams about the condition and how it’s treated.

Got stress? Just sit back … and smell

[Twelve News, November 29, 2016] The holiday season is known as the ‘most wonderful time of the year,’ but for some, the holidays can get overwhelming, making stress relief essential to our mental health. For people looking for a new way to manage stress, registered nurse Julie Streeter of Allina’s Penny George Institute for Health […]

November is men’s health month

[KSTP-TV, November 27, 2016] Movember is a month dedicated to talking about men’s health. For many men, even talking about their own health issues is something they avoid. Allina Health urologist Dr. Pete Sershon talked with KSTP-TV about men’s health issues.

New Ulm health project paying off seven years later

[Star Tribune, November 23, 2016] The Heart of New Ulm Project, the effort of Allina Health and the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation, proved that a town known for beer and brats could improve its cardiovascular fitness if residents received guidance and support to eat better, exercise more and make better use of medical care. Blood […]

Lesser known causes of stroke

[KARE 11, November 21, 2016] Dr. Josser Delgado, an interventional neuroradiologist at Abbott Northwestern Hospital, talked with KARE 11 News about arterial dissection. This less-known cause of stroke was in the news recently after a social media sensation and model died unexpectedly after developing neck pain.

Allina’s Duncan Gallagher named CFO of the Year

[Business Journal, November 18, 2016] The Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal has named Allina Health Chief Financial Officer Duncan Gallagher the CFO of the Year for nonprofits. Though Allina Health’s highest-profile challenge this year was a labor standoff with nurses, the health system has been working on several fronts to balance cost and care, and Chief […]

Rethinking end-of-life dread

[Minnesota Public Radio, November 17, 2016] New research shows the emotional and social quality of life near its end may not be nearly as bad as many expected. Sandy Schellinger, palliative nurse with Allina Health LifeCourse, talked about new studies she and other researchers are presenting this week to the Gerontology Society of America. Listen […]