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Diet or exercise: which is more important?

[KMSP-TV, August 20, 2015] A new study is showing that no matter how often you hit the gym, you can’t out-exercise a poor diet. Michael Miedema, MD, a cardiologist with Minneapolis Heart Institute at Abbott Northwestern Hospital, talked about the issue on KMSP-TV’s “The Buzz.”

Forget the gum. Mindfulness can stop you from smoking

[MinnPost, August 19, 2015] Imagine for a moment that Marlboro Man Sam Elliott is sat down by his doctor and instructed to stop smoking. What would he do? Would he scoff and keep puffing like “Thank You for Smoking” Sam Elliott would do? Or would he listen carefully like the hippie “Parks and Recreation” Sam […]

Cancer treatment is going beyond the chemo, surgery and recovery

[KSTP-TV, August 19, 2015] There’s a growing trend to help patients prepare ahead of time for treatment. It’s called “pre-habilitation” or “prehab.” Allina Health has launched a program. Todd Wilson looked into this new approach.

New program that helps cancer patients prepare for treatment

[KARE-TV, August 19, 2015] It’s called “prehab” and it just rolled out in the Allina Health network. It helps cancer patients physically and mentally prepare for chemo, radiation and surgery.