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Promising new cholesterol drug gains initial FDA approval

[KARE 11, June 10, 2015] An FDA advisory group has approved two new cholesterol drugs that appear to be more effective than current drugs, and have fewer side effects. Preventive cardiologist Dr. Michael Miedema, from the Minneapolis Heart Institute at Abbott Northwestern Hospital, talked to KARE 11 News about the new drugs.

Scientists Develop Way to Stop Breast Cancer from Spreading

[HealthlineNews, June 10, 2015] In a potentially groundbreaking development, researchers from the University of Sheffield and University of Copenhagen have discovered an enzyme that damages bones before the arrival of breast cancer cells. The enzyme, LysYl Oxidase (LOX), is released from the primary tumor. LOX creates holes in bones. It acts as a primer, making […]

Skin cancer where you don’t expect to find it

[KMSP Fox 9, June 10, 2015] You probably know that too much sun puts you at higher risk for skin cancer, but did you know not all skin cancer shows up on exposed body parts? Dr. Thomas Amatruda, with Minnesota Oncology at Abbott Northwestern Hospital talked to Fox 9 News about skin cancer dangers.