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Inside your health: More than medicine

[KSTP-TV, February 16, 2015] Traditional Western medicine concentrates on conquering disease. But sometimes that comes with unpleasant side effects. Courtney Baechler, MD, of the Penny George Institute for Health and Healing, part of Allina Health, was interviewed about the growing use of integrative therapies to improve the patient’s experience. Watch the story at

Kirby Puckett Eye Mobile gives free exams, glasses to students

[WCCO-TV, Feb. 12, 2015] Optometrists say poor vision can easily affect a student’s performance in school. But if you don’t have insurance, it can be a struggle to pay for an eye exam and prescription glasses. About 20 St. Paul kids who failed vision screenings at their school last fall got a follow-up exam Thursday […]

Woman surprises doctors with heart healing

[KMSP-TV Fox 9, Feb. 11, 2014] Three years ago, Collette Koskinen was in a hospital bed, barely able to move. Her heart was giving out because of a virus. She was too sick for a transplant. To keep the single mom alive, doctors cut a hole in her heart muscle and installed a mechanical pump […]

Minnesota quad rugby team No. 1 in the country

[KMSP-TV Fox 9, Feb. 11, 2015] Quad rugby is a mixed team sport for both males and females and it combines the elements of rugby, basketball and handball, and of course, a little bit of trash talk. While the spectator’s mind is racing to keep up in this Steelheads chess game, it’s a physical game, […]

Yoga spreads with wave of ‘complementary medicine’

[Star Tribune, Feb. 11, 2015] The share of Americans practicing therapeutic yoga has nearly doubled in a decade as adults seek ways to reduce stress, alleviate chronic pain and improve their outlook on life — a trend toward “complementary’’ medicine reflected at leading Minnesota clinics and hospitals. Overall, about a third of U.S. health care […]

Good Question: How big is average now

[WCCO-TV, Feb. 9, 2015] When it comes to just how big an average sized American woman or man is, just what is average? That’s the Good Question posed to Allina Health’s Barb Brower, a nutrionist and dietician at the Penny George Institute for Health and Healing.

New technique has stroke patients on the mend

[WCCO-TV, Feb. 9, 2015] Cutting edge technology being used at Abbott Northwestern Hospital could change the treatment for stroke patients. Doctors use a machine with a catheter and suction to remove the stroke-causing blood clot, essentially like a miniature vacuum.. The recovery time can be much quicker than the traditional procedure of using medication to […]

Hospital tones down alarms to reduce fatigue, enhance safety

[Star Tribune, Feb. 9, 2015] After a night shift at Abbott Northwestern Hospital, Todd Ostlund would go home and switch off his phone ringer and anything else mimicking the many, many alarms a nurse hears while on duty. And still, on many nights, he’d be roused from sleep by a “beep, beep, beep” in his […]

Family history, not lifestyle, may cause high cholesterol in some kids

[KSTP-TV, Feb. 8, 2015] You’ll find Grayce Limpert at the gym in St. Louis Park several nights a week. She is young and active. You would never be able to tell that this 16-year-old has a cholesterol problem, which is why we are telling you. Grace has a disease called familial hypercholesterolemia, or FH. FH […]

Penny George opens in Owatonna Hospital to offer acupuncture, massage therapy

[Owatonna People’s Press, Feb. 6, 2015] A different style of care has arrived at Owatonna Hospital, part of Allina Health. And on Friday morning, hospital employees gathered with Owatonna Area Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Ambassadors to celebrate the opening of the Penny George Institute for Health and Healing outpatient clinic, located at the hospital. […]