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Health Powered Kids & the Girl Scouts

[KSTP-TV, Jan, 29, 2014] Allina Health’s new online program, Health Powered Kids, brings the expert right to you. You can get health lessons and power chargers are getting kids moving. The Girl Scouts are now using it to teach and reward tens of thousands of girls. Health Powered Kids has a special section just for […]

Unique way to adopt and deliver baby

[KSTP-TV, Jan. 28, 2014] An estimated one out of eight couples have issues when trying to start a family. One Minnesota couple chose a unique way to bring life into the world. Two and a half years ago, Tiffany Huang delivered Caitlyn Joy into the world. Here’s the unique part — nine months earlier she […]

Hospitals report fewer preventable mistakes

Hospitals report fewer preventable mistakes

[Star Tribune, January 23, 2014] While acknowledging that one error is too many, hospital officials said patients are safer than they were 10 years ago when Minnesota first started publicly listing hospitals that committed any of 28 adverse events, also known as “never events” because they are considered preventable. Surgeries to the wrong body part, […]

Her life saved by 3 strangers, young woman says thank you and voices a wish

Her life saved by 3 strangers, young woman says thank you and voices a wish

[Star Tribune, January 22, 2014] The 23-year-old’s mind “went into a fog,” or so she’s been told, just before she went into sudden cardiac arrest. She survived to tell the story, thanks in large part to the quick thinking of passersby. At Mercy Hospital, doctors put Bohlman through a process that involves cooling the body […]

Power Chargers with Health Powered Kids

[KSTP TV, Jan. 22, 2014] It’s safe to say, that teachers sometimes have a hard time keeping the attention of the kids in their classroom for the whole day. Loring Community School in Minneapolis has found a way to keep the kids engaged by keeping their minds active. The kids are learning the basics, math, […]

Flu hitting different age groups this year

[KSTP TV, Jan. 16, 2014] After starting slow, influenza is now widespread throughout the state of Minnesota, although we’re seeing far fewer cases than last year. But there is a major difference with who this year’s flu is impacting. The very old and the very ill are typically the folks who get hit hardest during […]

Recharge with Health Powered Kids

[KSTP TV, Jan. 15, 2014] The New Year is a great time to just recharge. That goes for kids as well as adults.  Allina Health has come up with a tool to help kids and their parents make recharging a goal they can meet. Health Powered Kids offers expert advice on everything from sneaking in […]

Off the sidelines, on the slopes

[Star Tribune, Jan. 14, 2014] The Courage Kenny Ski and Snowboard Program gives people with disabilities the chance to enjoy winter sports. Six years ago, Mat Rhode was a student at Carthage College in Kenosha, Wis., when a car accident left him with a severe head injury. After six weeks in a coma, he awoke […]

Medtronic, St. Jude Medical tout ‘revolutionary’ new pacemakers

[Minnesota Public Radio, January 12, 2014] New mini pacemakers from Medtronic and St. Jude Medical are expected to be more reliable and make the implant surgery less invasive. The smaller devices address the weak links of pacing technology, said Dr. William Katsiyiannis, a cardiologist at Abbott Northwestern Hospital, part of Allina Health. Read or listen to […]

New heart valve repair without open heart surgery

New heart valve repair without open heart surgery

[Star Tribune, December 27, 2013] Verna Hoy knew something wasn’t right; she was coughing a lot and running out of breath. What cardiologists found would not be so simple to fix, however. At least, it didn’t use to be. “We’re all very excited about it,” said Dr. Paul ­Sorajja, an interventional cardiologist at the Minneapolis […]