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Why some people get sick more often than others

[WCCO TV, Nov. 13, 2013] Ever wonder why some people seem to get sick all the time and others almost never? Good Question. WCCO TV’s Heather Brown put that question to Dr. Courtney Baechler, Allina Health’s Chief of Health and Wellness. What the report here.

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Device developed in Minneapolis has potential to help heart patients

[Star Tribune, November 9, 2013] A tiny wire and mesh device to prevent strokes, first doodled on a napkin by a pair of Minneapolis cardiologists, is a step closer to regulatory approval and to what analysts estimate will be a $1 billion market. The Watchman, which helps stave off strokes by plugging a cul-de-sac in […]

Heart surgeons see innovations with tiny new pumps

Heart surgeons see innovations with tiny new pumps

[Star Tribune, November 10, 2013] A new generation of cardiac devices scheduled for human trials in Europe and the United States next year has heart surgeons talking about a possible sea change in the treatment of patients suffering from the most severe level of heart failure, which affects 150,000 to 200,000 Americans a year and […]