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Good Question: Why do women get Cellulite?

[WCCO TV, Nov. 4, 2013] Every year, people spend billions of dollars trying to get rid of cellulite, a condition that occurs in 70-90 percent of women. Men get it too, but it’s very rare. So, that had us wondering: Why do women get cellulite? According to Dr. Elizabeth Farhat, a dermatologist with Allina Health […]

Sunshine Heart’s new device is heartening news

Sunshine Heart’s new device is heartening news

[Star Tribune, November 3, 2013] Sunshine Heart Inc. is creating plenty of buzz with a new heart assist device that could reverse heart damage in some patients. Though U.S. clinical trials are just starting, doctors and analysts are already intrigued. The C-Pulse rhythmically squeezes the aorta to take strain off the heart and helps it […]