Allina surgeons get new treatment approach for brain aneurysms

Pipeline catheter

This image of a Pipeline catheter in place in a patient shows the catheter at the bottom, Pipeline (light-colored tube to the right of dark area) and dark contrast pooling of blood within the treated aneurysm.

[Star Tribune, Jan. 30, 2012] As physicians, nurses and technicians looked on, Dr. Benjamin Crandall and Dr. Josser Delgado gingerly inserted a catheter into an artery in the leg of a 55-year-old woman.

To guide them, the neuroradiologists watched their progress on several screens showing multiple images of the blood vessels in her brain. It was her brain — or, more accurately, a large 1-inch cerebral aneurysm — that was their destination.

Delgado’s team at Abbott Northwestern is the only group in the Twin Cities area, and one of only two in Minnesota, implanting the Pipeline device. Read the full story at

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