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Doctors re-thinking use of ventilators for COVID-19 patients

[KMSP Fox 9, April 29, 2020] Doctors in Minnesota are re-thinking the rush to put COVID-19 patients on ventilators as they learn more about what the virus does to the body. In fact, they’re using the equipment now as a last-ditch option. “We’re learning on the fly with this disease and unfortunately that’s a lot […]

Tips for navigating mental health in quarantine

[WCCO-TV, April 25, 2020] There’s no question that dealing with the stresses of the COVID-19 quarantine are taking a toll on everybody. Allina Health psychiatrist Dr. Mary Beth Lardizabal talked with WCCO News about the best ways to handle that stress.

Pulse oximeters are a COVID-19 must have

Pulse oximeters are a COVID-19 must have

[Star Tribune, April 23, 2020] Subtle shifts in the color of blood as it moves through a dense network of blood vessels can be a potent clue that a person has COVID-19, even if other signs of physical problems are absent. That realization has set off a national buying spree for optical medical devices called […]

Unsung heroes of COVID-19: Hospital housekeepers

[KSTP-TV, April 15, 2020] Doctors and nurses are on the frontlines of the battle against COVID-19. But right behind them are hospital workers you might never think about—the environmental service aides, housekeepers, who keep everything nice and clean and sterile for providers and patients. KSTP News talked to Jackie Davis, one of those housekeepers at […]

United Hospital nurse inspired by her own bout with H1N1 virus when 15

[TPT, April 10, 2020] When United Hospital nurse Anneliese Preus was 15 years old she was hospitalized for two weeks by the H1N1 virus. It was her experience and how she was treated by nurses then that inspired her to pursue a career in nursing. Anneliese told her story to Twin Cities Public Television on […]

KARE 11 viewers ask about COVID-19

[KARE 11, March 9, 2020] As the COVID-19 outbreak goes on, people continue to ask questions about how to protect themselves. United Hospital Vice President for Medical Affairs, Dr. Alison Peterson, answered some of those questions for KARE 11.

The dangers of flavored vaping products

[WCCO-TV, Feb. 29, 2020] There has been a lot of talk about whether states or the federal government should ban flavored vaping products. Allina Health pulmonologist Dr. Andrew Stiehm talked with WCCO News about the danger posed by flavored vaping products.

Is permanent Daylight Savings Time right for Minnesota?

[KSTP-TV, Feb. 12, 2020] The push for a permanent shift to daylight saving time will return to the Minnesota legislature. Several other states have already passed similar laws pending federal approval. But Allina Health sleep expert Dr. Andrew Stiehm says the change may not be the best for our health. Fox 9 News also reported […]

First coronavirus case confirmed in Wisconsin

[KMSP Fox 9, Feb. 5, 2020] The coronavirus is creeping closer to Minnesota. A case has now been confirmed in Wisconsin. Hospitals here are prepared for if or when the coronavirus appears here. Fox 9 News talked with Allina Health’s United Hospital emergency room director Erik Johnson about the preparations here.

Allina sleep doctor works with TV anchor to reduce her sleepwalking

[WCCO-TV, February 3, 2020] Oftentimes the stories about sleepwalking are presented as funny, but doctors say the dangers of sleepwalking are no laughing matter. WCCO-TV’s Kim Johnson knew she needed help after a scary sleepwalking incident last year. She worked with Allina Health sleep doctor Andrew Stiehm at the United Lung and Sleep Clinic to […]