Good Question: Does hunching over smartphones hurt our spines?

[WCCO-TV, Nov. 17, 2014] According to a new study, people spend an average of 2-4 hours a day hunched over their smartphones, which puts a lot of stress on the spine. “That is quite a lot,” said Courtney Tanaka, a physical therapist with the Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute. “If our postures aren’t correct in the […]

Good Question: Can you get enough Vitamin D from the sun in winter?

[WCCO-TV, Nov. 3, 2014] As the fall days continue to shorten by almost three minutes a day, can we get enough Vitamin D from the Minnesota sun? In the wintertime, the short answer is no. “Basically, north of New York, many months of the year we can’t get Vitamin D,” said Dr. Debra Bell, an […]

Researchers to parents: Put down that cell phone

[WCCO-TV, August 18, 2014] Parents are well aware of the downside of kids spending too much time on their electronic devices texting or playing games. But what about the negative effects of parents doing the same thing? New research shows that kids are very aware of how much time their parents are spending on their […]

How to slow down our busy lives

[WCCO-TV, July 28, 2014] With work piling up, getting the kids to sports, and other day-to-day duties, stress seems never ending. WCCO talked with Allina Health Chief Wellness Officer Dr. Courtney Jordan Baechler about how to manage our busy lives.

Easy tips to burn calories at work

[WCCO-TV, June 30, 2014] Every day, the average American needs to burn 100 calories just to keep their weight the same. It might not sound like a lot at first, but if you add it up, 100 calories a day for a year is an extra 5 pounds. So, WCCO-TV went to Allina Health to […]

Scott Anseth, MD

‘Operation Walk’ Helps Provide Free Hip, Knee Replacements

[WCCO-TV, June 17, 2014] Michelle Williams’ energy is ever-present. And so was her limp. The online auction manager never stops moving around her 4,000 square-foot warehouse. But when running her forklift became more than just a pain, Williams realized she needed help. She needed a hip replacement, but without health insurance for the first time […]

Stress buster tips for kids this summer

[KARE 11, May 7, 2014] Stress isn’t just for adults, kids feel it, too. However, there are some easy, fun ways to help kids learn to manage their stress. Dr. Lisa Herman, a licensed psychologist with Allina Health – St. Michael Clinic, joined KARE 11 News with some great tips from the Allina Health web […]

Why do allergis make us feel so bad?

[WCCO-TV, May 6, 2014] After our cold winter, experts are calling this spring a particularly bad season for allergy sufferers. All of that sneezing, itchy eyes, stuffy nose, and congestion can make for a miserable couple of months. So, why do our allergies make us feel so terrible? “Basically, an allergy is an overreaction of […]

Free vision tests expand into St. Paul Public Schools

[WCCO-TV, May 6, 2014] Thousands of kids in St. Paul will soon be getting a better education. It’s not because their teachers are doing anything different. It’s because they’ll be able to see the board and their books better. Over the last few years, vision tests have been phased out at many public schools in […]

Allina Health New Shoes, Healthy Kids makes thousands of happy kids

[WCCO-TV, April 26, 2014] Thousands of Minnesota and Wisconsin kids are a little happier today thanks to the New Shoes, Healthy Kids initiative from Allina Health. The shoes were distributed Saturday, April 26, at 30 Allina Health locations to kids from area families in need. New Shoes, Healthy Kids is a partnership with the shoe […]