How long will you live?

[WCCO-TV, Jan. 19, 2016] In 1900, the average American lived to only 48 years old. By 1980, life expectancy had jumped to 74 by decreasing childhood mortality and making major medical advances in heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes. Today, experts expect the average American baby to live to 78.8 years old. So, how long should […]

Buffalo Police hand out more than tickets this holiday season

[KSTP-TV, Dec. 21, 2015] It’s an experiment that started with 16 $50 bills and seven $100 bills, and it’s showing just how far money can go. The local branch of the “Bounce Back” project, a partnership with Allina Health – Buffalo Hospital, the Allina Health Clinic – Buffalo, CentraCare Monticello Hospital, and the Buffalo and […]

Cholesterol medication: Do we need it? Maybe not, according to one study

[WCCO-TV, November 3, 2015] If you could avoid taking medicine, would you? A new study suggests many who are taking medicine for their hearts may not actually need it. It’s estimated around 50 percent of Americans over 40 have considered or decided to take cholesterol-lowering drugs. But a new study involving a local cardiologist suggests […]

U of M football coach retirement puts focus on epilepsy

[WCCO-TV, Oct. 28, 2015] The surprise retirement of University of Minnesota football coach Jerry Kill puts renewed focus on epilepsy, the disease that sidelined him. Minnesota Epilepsy Group neurologist, Dr. Paul Atkinson, talked with WCCO-TV about the disease, what it can do to a person and how it’s treated. Fox 9 News also interviewed Dr. […]

United Breast Center surgeon on new breast cancer screening guidelines

[WCCO-TV, Oct. 20, 2015] The American Cancer Society has announced new breast cancer screening guidelines for women. WCCO talked with United Breast Center-Virginia Piper Cancer Institute surgical oncologist Dr. Justin Baker about just what these guidelines mean and to whom they apply. Dr. Baker was also interviewed on this story by KARE 11, KMSP Fox […]

The Mother Baby Center in St. Paul ready to open

[WCCO-TV, Oct. 20, 2015] The Mother Baby Center at United and Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota, St. Paul, is ready to open in just days. WCCO-TV News toured the new center to see the the ultimate mom and baby facility for east metro families. KSTP-TV also reported on the new Mother Baby Center.

Former Senator Coleman announces he has throat cancer

[WCCO-TV, Oct. 19, 2015] Former Minnesota U.S. Senator Norm Coleman announced he’s been diagnosed with a very treatable variety of throat cancer. WCCO-TV News talked with Ear, Nose & Throat SpecialtyCare surgeon Dr. Michelle Naylor about throat cancers. Ear, Nose & Throat SpecialtyCare is part of the Allina Integrated Medical Network.

We want your unused bikes for kids in need

[WCCO-TV, Oct. 9, 2015] For the fifth year running, Allina Health and Free Bikes 4 Kidz are teaming up to collect donated bikes to be given to kids of families in need. Tomorrow, October 10, you’re encouraged to check your garage for unused bikes and donate them at any of 44 Allina Health locations. Free […]

It’s time for your flu shot

[WCCO-TV, Oct. 8] It’s not too early to get your flu shot to protect yourself and your family for the 2015-2016 influenza season. Allina Health Plymouth Clinic family medicine physician, Dr. Mark Stevenson talked with WCCO-TV about this year’s vaccine and what may be in store.

Allina psychologist reacts to killing of Virginia journalists

[WCCO-TV, Aug. 26, 2015] The bizarre on-air murder of a television news reporter and photographer in Roanoke, Virginia has left people around the country in shock. Allina Health Clinics psychologist Dr. Cheryl Bemel says events of this magnitude are “a shock to our mind and body.” “When those feelings come up, whether it’s a feeling […]