Advice to make staying at home more tolerable

[KMSP Fox 9, April, 1, 2020] As the days mount with the stay-at-home directive, tensions in the house may mount. Allina Health psychologist Dr. Cheryl Bemel talked with Fox 9 News about how to make that time more bearable.

Abbott Northwestern Hospital builds capacity for expected COVID-19 surge

[WCCO-TV, March 25, 2020] Hospitals are concerned about their ability to handle the expected surge in COVID-19 patients that everyone fears is coming. At Allina Health’s Abbott Northwestern Hospital, they have, in a matter of days, quadrupled the number of intensive care beds that could accept those patients. Fox 9 News also reported on this […]

Allina Health chief medical officer provides COVID-19 update

[KMSP Fox 9, March 23, 2020] The information about the COVID-19 virus is rapidly changing. This morning Allina Health Chief Medical Officer Dr. Tim Sielaff talked to Fox 9 News about the latest.

Allina collects donated face masks from the public

[KMSP Fox 9, March 22, 2020] Heeding the call from Allina Health for donations of face masks, manufactured and handmade, members of the public Sunday started dropping off thousands of masks at Allina Health hospital throughout the region. Minnesota Public Radio News and WCCO-TV also reported on the collection effort.

Allina Health lab handling donated blood, COVID tests

[KMSP Fox 9, march 22, 2020] Allina Health Lab pathologist Dr. Lauren Anthony updated Fox 9 News about COVID-19 testing, the need for homemade face masks and the blood shortage.

Keeping kids and grandparents connected during social distancing

[KMSP Fox 9, March 18, 2020] One of the most difficult parts of the new normal amid the novel coronavirus pandemic is having to keep children and young adults away from loved ones or say no to basic activities like going to the playground. Without the face-to-face contact, life can get isolating, especially for older […]

Talking to kids about COVID-19

[KMSP Fox 9, March 18, 2020] The coronavirus threat has people confined to their homes, businesses closing and there’s no school. Families are dealing with a new normal and kids surely have questions.  Dr. Cheryl Bemel, a psychologist with Allina Health, offers some tips on how to talk to your children about COVID 19.

Supply shortage limits COVID-19 testing

[KMSP Fox 9, March 17, 2020] A shortage of testing supplies forced Minnesota Gov. Walz to order a limit to who can be tested for COVID-19. Dr. Monte Johnson, the Vice President for Medical Affairs at St. Francis Regional Medical Center talked with Fox 9 News about what that means.

How to spot the difference between the flu and COVID-19

[KMSP Fox 9, March 10, 2020] Minnesota health officials are still investigating the state’s third coronavirus case, this time in Anoka County. As the monitoring continues, many are wondering, what are the ways to spot coronavirus? Helen Strike is the Incident Commander for COVID-19 throughout Allina Health; she dealt with the Ebola outbreak a few […]

Is permanent Daylight Savings Time right for Minnesota?

[KSTP-TV, Feb. 12, 2020] The push for a permanent shift to daylight saving time will return to the Minnesota legislature. Several other states have already passed similar laws pending federal approval. But Allina Health sleep expert Dr. Andrew Stiehm says the change may not be the best for our health. Fox 9 News also reported […]