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Health Check: Fit 3D tracks fitness progress

[Twelve News, April 19, 2016] Minneapolis resident Kaylee Arostegui is an active woman who works out five to six times a week. Next week, she’ll have surgery on her foot. Before she has surgery, she wanted to get an accurate snapshot of her physical health, so she made her way to Abbott Northwestern – WestHealth […]

Abbott pioneers acupuncture in the ER

Abbott pioneers acupuncture in the ER

[Star Tribune, March 15, 2016] Abbott Northwestern Hospital is reporting success using acupuncture in its emergency room to treat conditions ranging from car accident injuries to migraines to kidney stones, and hoping to prove that the traditional Chinese treatment can reduce doctors’ reliance on addictive opioids to manage patients’ pain. The Minneapolis hospital was the […]

Sneeze and tissue alert: Major allergy season ahead

Sneeze and tissue alert: Major allergy season ahead

[KARE-TV, March 11, 2016] A warmer winter and El Nino are expected to create a major spring allergy season. However, there are several alternatives to over-the-counter treatments. Dr. Debra Bell from Allina Health’s Penny George Institute for Health and Healing is an integrative medicine specialist and joined KARE 11 News @ 4 with many choices. […]

Is cancer caused by luck or lifestyle?

[KARE-TV, February 22, 2016] A new study says as much as 90 percent of the lifetime risk of developing cancer can be blamed on things like environment, smoking, drinking, diet and tanning. Dr. Courtney Baechler from the Penny George Institute for Health and Healing at Abbott Northwesterntalked with KARE11-TV about how big of a role […]

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Mind + Body Revolution

[Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine, January 11, 2016] Integrative medicine is hard to define, but just as American English is distinct from British English, integrative medicine is different from medicine a generation ago. The federally funded National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health defines it as “bringing conventional and complementary approaches together in a coordinated way.” […]

The Game Changer

The Game Changer

[Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine, January 2016] For anyone who has intersected with the Penny George Institute for Health and Healing at Allina Health, the nation’s largest hospital-based integrative medicine center, and wondered if it was started by a guy with the last name of Penny and another guy with the last name of George: Nope. […]

Penny George Institute Foundation brings national leaders in whole-person health care to Minneapolis for public event

[KARE-TV, October 6, 2015] Penny George is a respected leader in the national movement to transform medicine and health care through the principles and practices of integrative medicine. She is co-founder of the Penny George™ Institute for Health and Healing, part of Allina Health — the largest hospital-based integrative medicine program based in a health […]

Minnesota conference tackles problem of pain pill abuse

[Star Tribune, August 26, 2015] Prescription pain pill abuse isn’t one of the lighter topics Gov. Mark Dayton has talked about this year. But on Tuesday, speaking at Minnesota’s first conference on the topic, he drove home a serious point about the issue with a personal story and a touch of humor. After a minor […]

Forget the gum. Mindfulness can stop you from smoking

[MinnPost, August 19, 2015] Imagine for a moment that Marlboro Man Sam Elliott is sat down by his doctor and instructed to stop smoking. What would he do? Would he scoff and keep puffing like “Thank You for Smoking” Sam Elliott would do? Or would he listen carefully like the hippie “Parks and Recreation” Sam […]

Can a Fitbit make you fit?

[, May 26, 2015] Visit any place that sells electronic gadgets or your phone’s app store, and you’re bound to find fitness trackers. They are aimed to help people reach their fitness goals. But they can be pricey. Health Check takes a look at fitness gadgets to explore their benefits and accuracy. One example is […]