Mental Health

Older Americans drinking more than ever

[KARE 11, April 25, 2017] A new study says that Americans 60 and older are drinking more than ever before. Allina Health addiction specialist Dr. Roger Laroche says that finding should not be particularly surprising if you look at the history of that age group.

Battle against opioid drug abuse rages on year after Prince’s death

[WCCO-TV, April 22, 2017] One year after musician Prince died of an opioid drug overdose, the opioid epidemic has worsened in Minnesota and the U.S. Allina Health addiction specialist, Dr. Roger Laroche talked with WCCO-TV News about where we are in the fight against opiates.

Deaths due to opiates continue to grow

[KARE 11, April 15, 2017] It’s been a year since musician Prince died from an an opiate overdose. That focused attention on the growing illicit use of opiates. Allina Health Addiction Services medical director, Dr. Roger Laroche, talked with KARE 11 News about the problem.

The joys and pitfalls of working with your spouse

[KARE 11, Feb. 2, 2017] Have you ever considered whether you’d like to work with your spouse? Some people actually do. Allina Health Clinic psychologist, Dr. Dan Kessler, talked with KARE 11 about the pluses and minuses of working with your husband or wife.

Assessing your child’s mental health

[CCX News, January 3, 2017] Experts say that roughly 25 percent of the adolescent population is known to have some form of anxiety, and about 12 to 15 percent are dealing with depression. That’s why it’s important for parents to know the warning signs, says Dr. Aditi Garg, a psychiatrist from Allina Health Mental Health […]

How our brain works when we show kindness

[KMSP Fox 9, December 27, 2016] You might think the stress of gift-giving around the holidays isn’t healthy, but it turns out two new studies show our brain is actually wired to be generous. Dr. Jesse Corry, a neurologist with the John Nasseff Neuroscience Specialty Clinic at United Hospital talked with KMSP Fox 9 News […]

Seasonal Affective Disorder explained

[KMSP Fox 9, December 21, 2016] As daylight hours grow shorter in the winter, some people suffer from a kind of depression called seasonal affective disorder, SAD. Allina Health Clinics psychologist Dr. Alan Steed, talked with Fox 9 News about the condition and how it can be treated.

Recognizing gun violence warning signs

[WCCO-TV, December 5, 2016] A nonprofit group has produced a video public service announcement warning about the early warning signs of behavior that could lead to gun violence. Allina Health Clinics psychologist Dr. Cheryl Bemel talked with WCCO new about the message in the video.

Dealing with post-election holiday gatherings

[WCCO-TV, November 15, 2016] Chances are there are folks in your family who backed either side in the last election — the topic of plenty of heated discussions. But how do you keep the conversation civil at holiday gatherings this year? Allina Health Shakopee Clinic psychologist, Dr. Dan Kessler, talked with WCCO News about tactics […]

Family coping during the holidays

[KARE 11, November 11, 2016] Differing views about politics, particularly the just finished election, among other things, could make for tense conversations when your family convenes for the holidays. Allina Health Shakopee Clinic psychologist, Dr. Dan Kessler, talked with KARE 11 News about tactics for surviving the holidays with your family.