Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute

Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute Chosen for WDIO’s 50th Anniversary

[WDIO, February 5, 2016] The Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute offers a sporting life for kids and adults with disabilities for all seasons. Program Coordinator Mark Hanna says they offer many fun activities. He says, “In the spring we do archery, power wheel chair soccer, climbing and in the summer we do sailing, kayaking and cycling. […]

MN woman uses bionic technology to walk

[KARE, January 29, 2016] Three years ago, doctors told a Minnesota woman she would never walk again. Carol Suchy, 50, was involved in a snowmobile accident. Initially she was paralyzed from the waist down. Now, she said she has no sensation from her hips down. But bionic technology at Courage Kenny at Abbott Northwestern is […]

Top medical advances of 2015

[KMSP-TV, January 1, 2015] The science of medicine is always improving and evolving – and our hometown hospital is often leading the way. Dr. Ben Bache-Wiig, president of Abbott Northwestern in Minneapolis talked with Fox 9 and WCCO-AM about top five medical advancements in 2015.

Jr. Rolling Timberwolves play with Paralympians who inspired them

[KMSP-TV, December 20, 2015] 2012 London Paralympians Chuck Aoki, Sarah Binsfeld, Ian Lynch and Rose Hollermann returned to their roots on Saturday to play in the Jr. Rolling Timberwolves alumni game and to meet some of Minnesota’s young athletes with physical disabilities. Aoki, Binsfeld, Lynch and Hollermann were introduced to wheelchair sports at Allina Health’s […]

Adaptive climbing: Empowering kids with special needs

[KSTP-TV, November 24, 2015] It would be a challenge for many us. Climbing a huge wall isn’t easy, but imagine doing it with physical challenges. The Courage Kenny Sports and Recreation department has an adaptive climbing program that makes it possible. It takes place at the Midwest Climbing Academy in Minneapolis.

Minn. Cancer Survivor Faces Post Treatment Challenges

[KSTP-TV, November 20, 2015] Cancer doesn’t have to be a death sentence. So, what happens after you go through treatment and survive? The challenges don’t always end. Dr. Nancy Hutchison a physiatrist” with the Allina Health system specializes in post-cancer rehab. 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS caught up with her in the Piper Breast Center at Abbott […]

Wheelchair Basketball Tournament Hosted in Hastings

[KSTP-TV, November 8, 2015] Some of the most competitive basketball players in the country will head to Hastings on Sunday for a big tournament. Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute has been hosting a fall wheelchair basketball tournament for more than 30 years. Some of the athletes are as young as 5 years old. See coverage at […]

Health Check: Fall prevention starts with exercise

[Twelve News, September 15, 2015] At Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis, the emergency department sees its fair share of injuries related to falls. “Probably four or five times a week we’re down in the emergency room seeing patients who have had a fall but probably didn’t hurt themselves bad enough to get admitted,” said Chris […]

ReWalk machine helps paralyzed patients walk again

ReWalk machine helps paralyzed patients walk again

[Star Tribune & Fox 9 News, August 22, 2015] Isaac Schreurs races sprint cars and likes to downhill ski. “Not even scared” is his personal motto. This week, the 24-year-old walked down a long hospital corridor in Minneapolis as his mom and girlfriend cheered him on. A TV crew captured the event. Afterward, Schreurs described […]

Cancer treatment is going beyond the chemo, surgery and recovery

[KSTP-TV, August 19, 2015] There’s a growing trend to help patients prepare ahead of time for treatment. It’s called “pre-habilitation” or “prehab.” Allina Health has launched a program. Todd Wilson looked into this new approach.