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Allina calls for more donations

Allina calls for more donations

[New Ulm Journal, April 9, 2020] Allina Health is calling for more donated personal protection equipment, money to help caregivers pay their own bills, and food. The initial request for equipment was to have expired on April 5. “As we prepare for the anticipated surge of coronavirus patients, we are doing everything we can to […]

Should I pull my parents out of the retirement home?

Should I pull my parents out of the retirement home?

[Pioneer Press, April 5, 2020] With the coronavirus showing up in congregate living facilities more frequently now, it’s a question increasingly on the minds of those with loved ones living in a nursing home, assisted living center, or similar facility where older residents live together and use common spaces — and where the coronavirus can […]

Muslim Foundation donates masks

[WCCO-TV, April 3, 2020] A Muslim women’s foundation donated 1500 hand sewn face masks to Allina Health on Friday. WCCO-TV and KARE 11 News were on hand to witness the donation. See the KARE 11 coverage here.

Advice to make staying at home more tolerable

[KMSP Fox 9, April, 1, 2020] As the days mount with the stay-at-home directive, tensions in the house may mount. Allina Health psychologist Dr. Cheryl Bemel talked with Fox 9 News about how to make that time more bearable.

Allina Health’s tablet stands could help preserve PPE supplies

[WCCO-TV, March 31, 2020] Minnesota hospitals and clinics continue to find new, creative ways to protect health care workers and patients, while preserving personal protective equipment. Allina Health is now taking a virtual approach to limit exposure to COVID-19. On a mostly deserted floor in an Allina Health building, you’ll find a “sea of stands.” […]

Preserving precious PPE supplies

[WCCO-TV, March 30, 2020] As the COVID-19 virus continues to spread, hospitals are working to stretch their short supply of personal protective equipment, mainly masks, for their healthcare workers. Allina Health Chief Medical Officer Dr. Tim Sielaff talked with WCCO News about that effort.

Senior citizens feeling ‘blamed’ for coronavirus

{KARE 11, March 30, 2020] Larry Struck knows he’s not your typical 71-year-old with extra active lifestyle, but as a citizen of the senior-sort, he knows he’s kind of in the bullseye right now. There’s been no shortage of news stories talking about how COVID-19 is affecting our older population more adversely. That, Larry worries, […]

Allina Health doctor answers WCCO-TV viewer questions

[WCCO-TV, March 29, 2020] Dr. Ryan Else, Vice President of Medical Affairs at Allina Health’s Mercy Hospital, joined WCCO-TV Sunday night to answer viewer questions about COVID-19.

Allina Health volunteers work to assemble 10,000 face shields during coronavirus crisis

[KARE 11, March 26, 2020] Allina Health is assembling face shields by hand to supplement its dwindling supply of manufactured shields that are part the personal protective equipment that helps protect nurses and doctors while treating suspected and diagnosed COVID-19 patients. The Pioneer Press and Star Tribune also reported on this work.

Making face shields for Allina Health providers

Making face shields for Allina Health providers

[Star Tribune, March 26, 2020] Allina Health team members from across the organization volunteered to assemble much-needed face shields to protect health care workers working directly with COVID-19 patients and in the emergency department. The goal is to assemble 10,000 face shields over a two-day period. Volunteers will work in varying room locations with varying […]