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Creating an Advance Care Plan for loved ones

[KSTP-TV, April 13, 2014] If you were taken ill and couldn’t speak for yourself, would your family or doctor know how you wanted to be cared for? They probably would if you had taken the time to make out an Advance Care Plan. This Wednesday, April 16th, is National Health Care Decision Day and it’s […]

Spring allergy preview

Spring allergy preview

[KSTP-TV, March 20, 2014] It’s the first day of spring and while it means warmer weather, it also means problems for allergy sufferers. Dr. Paul Dahlberg, allergist with Allina Health Bandana Square Clinic, stopped by our KSTP-TV studio for a preview of what to expect this allergy season.

Norovirus suspecetd in deaths of four Minnesota VA Home residents

[WCCO-TV, March 13, 2014] Health officials are trying to find out if it was the norovirus that played a role in the deaths of four residents at the Minnesota VA Home since last Friday. Allina Health Clinic infectious disease specialist, Dr. Frank Rhame, talked with reporters about how serious the virus can be and how […]

Designer drugs linked to two Mankato deaths

[KSTC-TV, March 13, 2014] Mankato police say two deaths in the past week may be linked to designer drugs. Allina Health Mental Health psychiatrist Dr. Mark Willenbring talked with KSTC’s Megan Newquist about why designer drugs are so dangerous.

Teledermatology: It’s not quite there yet

[KSTP-TV, Feb. 12, 2014] People have started using their smartphones to take photos of moles or rashes to send to a doctor for feedback. Doctor Elizabeth Farhat, dermatologist at Allina Health Clinic, talked with KSTP-TV about teledermatology. “The technology is out there, unfortunately I don’t think it’s quite there yet. I think the main issue […]

Study: 3 out of 4 American kids consume caffeine

[KMSP-TV Fox 9 News, Feb. 10, 2014] Nearly 3 out of 4 U.S. children and young adults consume at least some caffeine, mostly from soda, tea and coffee. The rate didn’t budge much over a decade, although soda use declined and energy drinks became an increasingly common source, a government analysis finds. Allina Medical Clinic […]

Possible ‘mass psychogenic illness’ sent 30 Springfield kids to hospital

[KMSP-TV Fox 9 News, Feb. 7, 2014] The Minnesota Department of Health said “mass psychogenic illness” may have been what caused 30 students to get sick at Springfield Public School on Thursday. Carbon monoxide poisoning has been ruled out. Allina Medical Clinic – Shakopee psychologist, Dr. Daniel Kessler, told Fox 9 News that mass psychogenic […]

Flu hitting different age groups this year

[KSTP TV, Jan. 16, 2014] After starting slow, influenza is now widespread throughout the state of Minnesota, although we’re seeing far fewer cases than last year. But there is a major difference with who this year’s flu is impacting. The very old and the very ill are typically the folks who get hit hardest during […]

Flu season is here

[WCCO TV, Dec. 26, 2013] New numbers from the Minnesota Department of Health show influenza season is here in earnest. Hospitalized cases of influenza doubled last week after several weeks of gradual increases. WCCO TV News spoke to Allina Medical Clinic infectious disease specialist Dr. Frank Rhame about the sharp uptick in cases and what […]

Quello Clinic gains new name for the New Year

Quello Clinic gains new name for the New Year

[, Dec. 17, 2013] Starting Jan. 1, all five Quello Clinic locations will change their names to Allina Health. The purpose of the name change is to more clearly link Quello Clinic with Allina Health. The clinic has been a part of Allina Health since 2008. Read more at