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Key things people should know about Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

[WCCO-AM, October 26, 2015] The recent and sudden death of Timberwolves’ basketball coach Flip Saunders is prompting questions about Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Michaela Tsai, MD, cancer expert with Minnesota Oncology at Abbott Northwestern Hospital talked with WCCO-AM about Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and other cancers.

Good news about breast cancer survival

[KMSP-TV, October 22, 2015] One in eight women in the U.S. will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. Thanks to improvements in cancer research, treatment and early detection, the five-year survival rate has surpassed 90 percent of all breast cancer victims. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Dr. Stuart Bloom from Minnesota Oncology at Abbott […]

Medical scan identifies risk for heart attack

[Twelve News, October 13, 2015] The campus of Abbott Northwestern WestHealth in Plymouth is a place where Gloria O’Connell is no stranger, considering that she’s an employee of Allina Health. But on Tuesday morning, her visit had nothing to do with work. “My weight is a little high, my cholesterol is a little high,” O’Connell […]

The Pipeline  device is used at Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis.

Health beat: Specialists screening when to leave brain aneurysms alone

[Star Tribune, September 27, 2015] Doctors at Abbott Northwestern Hospital have had success treating brain aneurysms with new, thicker “Pipeline” stents that direct blood past the potentially deadly bulges in blood vessels in the brain. And they’re studying a spherical WEB stent that does the same for tricky aneurysms that form at the junctures of […]

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For Minnesota woman with an aneurysm, patience was needed every step of the way

[Pioneer Press, September 27, 2015] The Rev. Diane Nelson of Cambridge, Minn., was walking around with a golf-ball-sized bomb inside her head. “I survived an aneurysm, a giant aneurysm,” says Nelson, 61, a United Methodist pastor who is on a family leave of absence. “Thankfully, it never burst. Why it didn’t burst, I don’t know. […]

Too much overtime can increase your stroke risk

[KMSP-TV, September 22, 2015] If you thought a little hard work never hurt anyone, think again. There’s a new study in the British medical journal the Lancet that you should see. In a meta-analysis of 17 studies that involved approximately 530,000 men and women from Europe, the United States and Australia, researchers from University College […]

How old is your heart?

[KMSP-TV, September 16, 2015] A CDC study says men’s hearts are eight years older than their owner’s biological ages, and women’s are about five years older. Cardiologist Elizabeth Grey, MD, from Minneapolis Heart Institute® at Abbott Northwestern Hospital, explains how heart ages are calculated and what people can do to keep their hearts young.

Health Check: Fall prevention starts with exercise

[Twelve News, September 15, 2015] At Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis, the emergency department sees its fair share of injuries related to falls. “Probably four or five times a week we’re down in the emergency room seeing patients who have had a fall but probably didn’t hurt themselves bad enough to get admitted,” said Chris […]

Think your heart’s age is the same as yours? Not necessarily

[WCCO-AM, September 12, 2015] A new study by the Center for Disease Control says men’s hearts are about eight years older than they are. Women’s are about five years older than they really are. Elizabeth Grey, MD, cardiologist with Minneapolis Heart Institute at Abbott Northwestern Hospital, explains how that could be and the best ways […]

Minnesota conference tackles problem of pain pill abuse

[Star Tribune, August 26, 2015] Prescription pain pill abuse isn’t one of the lighter topics Gov. Mark Dayton has talked about this year. But on Tuesday, speaking at Minnesota’s first conference on the topic, he drove home a serious point about the issue with a personal story and a touch of humor. After a minor […]