Viking Adrian Peterson’s knee injury explained

[WCCO Radio, Sept. 24, 2016] Minnesota Viking running back Adrian Peterson’s knee injury will keep him out of most, of not all, of the remaining season. Dr. Trent Christensen, a sports medicine physician with Allina Health’s Sports and Orthopaedic Specialists talked with WCCO Radio about Peterson’s injury and knee injuries the rest of us might […]

How to improve your kids’ sleep habits

[KMSP Fox 9, Sept. 24, 2016] In some houses it’s a regular battle, getting the kids down to sleep at a regular time, especially now that they’re back in school. Dr. Eric Hernandez, a sleep medicine specialist who practices at Abbott Northwestern Hospital, talked with Fox 9 News about why sleep is important for kids […]

Getting rid of unused prescription drugs safely

[WCCO-TV, Sept. 21, 2016] The safe disposal of drugs not only prevents others from swiping bottles from home medicine cabinets, but it also protects the environment. Studies show that a majority of abused prescription drugs come from family and friends. “Sixty percent of patients in a recent survey in ‘Annals Of Internal Medicine’ reported that […]

Cardiac arrest victim meets responders who saved his life

[KMSP Fox 9, Sept. 21] A Kentucky man who suffered a sudden cardiac arrest at the MSP Airport last October, returned to meet the first responders and Allina Health EMS paramedics who saved his life almost a year earlier. He also learned about a new device that was used on him.

After life-saving call, Minnesota doctors looking at FaceTime differently

[WCCO-TV, September 15, 2016] What started as a standard procedure ended in a life-saving phone call. Bob Sandin went to his local hospital in Crosby, Minn. to get a pacemaker. During the procedure, something didn’t look right. The problem connected two hospitals in a way that has some doctors taking a second look at their cell phones. […]

Change to Chill teaches ways to reduce stress

[Quad News, Sept. 13, 2016] With school back in session, many middle school and high school students stress levels are quickly on the rise as they try to balance academics, friends and family, sports and other after-school activities. The Allina Health Change to Chill program, a free online program, aims to help teens (and adults […]

Report: Kids specializing in just one sport is not recommended

[KSTP-TV, Sept. 8, 2016] A new report from the American Academy of Pediatricians that says that kids shouldn’t specialize in just one sport at least until in their mid/late teens. KSTP-TV talked to Allina Health Clinic pediatrician, Dr. Eric Barth, about that report.

Teddy Bridgewater’s knee injury explained

[KMSP Fox 9, Sept. 4, 2016] A non-contact knee injury has sidelined Minnesota Viking’s quarterback Teddy Bridgewater for the entire season. But what exactly happened to his knee? Dr. Jamie Peters, a sports medicine physician with Allina Health’s Sports and Orthopaedic Specialists, explained the injury to the Vikings Gameday host Hobie Artigue.

The benefits of red wine in a pill

[KMSP Fox 9, August 31, 2016] Doctors have long known that there are health benefits to drinking red wine. But to get enough to make a difference would require drinking way to much. Now researchers are putting the good stuff in red wine in a pill form. Dr. Jesse Corry, a neurologist with the John […]

Resetting kids’ sleep schedule for school

[WCCO-AM, August 27, 2016] School is starting and that means many kids who have been staying up late during the summer, need to get on a new sleep schedule. Dr. Dan Kessler, a behavioral sleep medicine specialist with Allina Health Clinics, talked with WCCO Radio about what kids need to be at their best for […]