Sitting can increase women’s cancer risks

[KARE-TV, July 25, 2015] When it comes to health, sitting is the new smoking. But it holds greater dangers for woman than men. Dr.

Sitting too much can increase cancer risk

[KMSP-TV, July 27, 2015] When it comes to health, most of us have heard that sitting is the new smoking. Now, a recent study says women who sit too much have a greater risk of developing cancer than men. Dr. Nancy Hutchison, medical director of cancer rehabilitation, survivorship and lymphedema for

Study: Mammograms are ineffective

[KARE-TV, July 25, 2015] The mammogram debate was reignited with the release of two studies this past week that said mammograms don’t save as many lives as people think. Lisa Schneider, M.D., a breast imaging specialist with the Virginia Piper Cancer Institute at Abbott Northwestern Hospital talked about the issue with Rena Sarigianopoulos at KARE-TV. […]

New warnings on common over-the-counter pain pills

[KMSP-TV, July 25, 2015] The federal government is strengthening an existing label warning that non-aspirin nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) increase the chance of a heart attack or stroke. Dr. Yasha Kayan, an interventional neuroradiologist with Consulting Radiologists at Abbott Northwestern Hospital, part of Allina Health, talked about the studies that lead to the decision with […]

What’s sparking whooping cough resurgence?

[KARE 11, July 10, 2015] Once rare, whooping cough (pertussis) has been making a comeback in the U.S. in recent years. Rapid increase in whooping cough may largely be a result of transmission from people who are infected with the bacterium but show no symptoms of disease, a new study suggests. Allina Health Clinics infectious […]

The wig guy

[KMSP-TV, July 5, 2015] Imagine if you were suddenly unable to do the things you were most passionate about. Sadly, for too many people, a cancer diagnosis robs them of those things. But a local cancer survivor has found a way to make peace with the past, and he’s now inspiring others to move forward […]

Allina CEO Penny Wheeler on the future of health care and lowering costs

[MPR News, July 8, 2015] Dr. Penny Wheeler, President and CEO of Allina Health, is leading the non-profit network of health clinics and hospitals at a time when American health care is undergoing some significant changes. She discussed the Affordable Care Act, rising premiums and inequities in health services.

Woman who crochets scarves for the needy receives heart transplant

[KMSP Fox 9 News, June 30, 2015] After a very short wait, Elizabeth Sammons, who spends her time crocheting scarves for the needy, got her heart transplant just two weeks ago and is now ready to go home. Sammons was able to manage making four scarves for the needy while waiting for her transplant at […]

Schulze Foundation gives $2 million for Abbott Northwestern ICU

Schulze Foundation gives $2 million for Abbott Northwestern ICU

[Pioneer Press, June 29, 2015] A $2 million donation from the Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation will help Abbott Northwestern Hospital expand its neurological intensive care unit and treat more patients with injuries and disorders to the brain and spinal cord. Schulze, who founded Best Buy, noted in a hospital news release that neurological disorders […]

Duluth News Tribune photo

Minnesota man recounts lengthy journey to recovery from cerebral hemorrhage

[Duluth News Tribune, June 30, 2015] On a November morning in 2011, Kraig Lee was hit with the worst headache of his life. The 58-year-old Wannaksa farmer took several over-the-counter pain pills. They didn’t help. He called his wife, Bonnie, who was at work at the family’s hardware store in Wannaska. By the time she […]