Allina psychologist reacts to killing of Virginia journalists

[WCCO-TV, Aug. 26, 2015] The bizarre on-air murder of a television news reporter and photographer in Roanoke, Virginia has left people around the country in shock. Allina Health Clinics psychologist Dr. Cheryl Bemel says events of this magnitude are “a shock to our mind and body.” “When those feelings come up, whether it’s a feeling […]

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Swim at your own risk as Minnesota lakes turn green

[Star Tribune, August 26, 2015] Beware, swimmers. Something may be lurking in the water, waiting to strike. Cue the “Jaws” music. Unlike the predator from the granddaddy of all shark dramas, this menace to swimmers has no fins. In fact, it can’t even be seen. Worse, it takes many forms — parasite, bacteria or virus […]

You can’t out-exercise a poor diet according to report

[KARE 11, Aug. 25, 2015] Exercise vs. diet- the debate over which is more important has been going on for years. But now, new research adds to a body of evidence that finds no matter how much you hit the gym, you can’t out-exercise a poor diet, at least when it comes to your heart […]

Study shows how palliative care can improve life for heart failure patients

[MedicalXpress, August 25, 2015] A recent randomized trial conducted by researchers at Abbott Northwestern Hospital, part of Allina Health, found that inpatient palliative care (PC) visits were associated with improved quality of life and symptom burden for patients with heart failure (HF). Because of these results, Abbott Northwestern conducted a new study, “A Description of […]

Baby Wearing grows in the Twin Cities

[WCCO-TV, Aug. 24, 2015] If you haven’t done it yourself, there’s a huge chance you’ve seen someone else doing it at the zoo, the grocery store or a restaurant. It’s called babywearing. It can look like a frontal swaddle or a structured backpack. Just like with other clothing, the options are endless. Some wraps are […]

Vision quest: a simple initiative by the Phillips Institute is making a big difference for public school kids

Vision quest: a simple initiative by the Phillips Institute is making a big difference for public school kids

[MinnPost, August 21, 2015] A few years back Dr. Irving Shapiro asked his good friend Peter Heegard to go for a walk. Heegard is an author and retired investment banker with a toe in pretty much every civic initiative a person could name. The founder of the Phillips Eye Institute, Shapiro wanted to show him […]

ReWalk machine helps paralyzed patients walk again

ReWalk machine helps paralyzed patients walk again

[Star Tribune & Fox 9 News, August 22, 2015] Isaac Schreurs races sprint cars and likes to downhill ski. “Not even scared” is his personal motto. This week, the 24-year-old walked down a long hospital corridor in Minneapolis as his mom and girlfriend cheered him on. A TV crew captured the event. Afterward, Schreurs described […]

Allina Health cancer specialist talks about melanoma treatment

[KMSP-TV, August 20, 2015] Former President Jimmy Carter held a news conference today to say he has cancer in the brain. It’s actually melanoma which is a skin cancer but it can spread inside the body quickly. Tim Blotz talked to Thomas Amatruda, MD, of Minnesota Oncology and Allina Health, who says the treatment for […]

Diet or exercise: which is more important?

[KMSP-TV, August 20, 2015] A new study is showing that no matter how often you hit the gym, you can’t out-exercise a poor diet. Michael Miedema, MD, a cardiologist with Minneapolis Heart Institute at Abbott Northwestern Hospital, talked about the issue on KMSP-TV’s “The Buzz.”

Forget the gum. Mindfulness can stop you from smoking

[MinnPost, August 19, 2015] Imagine for a moment that Marlboro Man Sam Elliott is sat down by his doctor and instructed to stop smoking. What would he do? Would he scoff and keep puffing like “Thank You for Smoking” Sam Elliott would do? Or would he listen carefully like the hippie “Parks and Recreation” Sam […]