Hunger and anger: Are they connected?

[WCCO-TV, April, 15, 2014] We know some people can get grouchy when they’re hungry. Now a new study is providing evidence that hunger and anger seem to go hand in hand — especially if you are married. Psychologists have concluded that low blood sugar is something you want to avoid. Dr. Thomas Keul is the […]

Creating an Advance Care Plan for loved ones

[KSTP-TV, April 13, 2014] If you were taken ill and couldn’t speak for yourself, would your family or doctor know how you wanted to be cared for? They probably would if you had taken the time to make out an Advance Care Plan. This Wednesday, April 16th, is National Health Care Decision Day and it’s […]

Device brings hope of paralysis recovery

[KMSP Fox 9 & KARE 11, April 8, 2014] Research at the University of Louisville is being heralded as a breakthrough that is bringing hope for patients who suffered spinal cord injuries that cause paralysis because a device is helping them move again. Although the device is still very much in the experimental phase and […]

Health Powered Kids powers up for the future of kids health

[KARE 11, April 8, 2014] We all want our kids to make healthy choices. To help them, Allina Health has created Health Powered Kids, a free and easy online educational resource to help children and teens live healthier lives. Susan Nygaard RN, PHN, and Manager of the Health Powered Kids program joined KARE 11 News […]

In praise of medical scribes

[Wall Street Journal, April 6, 2014] Dr. Alan Bank, a cardiologist at United Heart & Vascular Clinic, St. Paul, writes in the Wall Street Journal about how medical scribes are saving money and improving patient satisfaction: We often think that a complex problem (such as health care in the U.S.) requires a complex solution (ObamaCare). […]

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Too much exercise might not be good for your heart, study suggests

[Pioneer Press, April 3, 2014] Exercise usually is regarded as good medicine for your heart, but maybe there’s such a thing as an overdose, according to a new study that involved researchers and marathoners from Minnesota. Robert Schwartz, a Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation researcher, and his fellow researchers wrote that “an emerging body of scientific […]

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Study: Marathoners have more artery plaque

[KARE-TV, March 31, 2014] It’s impressive when someone finishes a marathon. Even more impressive, are those who run marathons year after year. But a controversial study is raising questions about health benefits of distance running. Cardiologist, Dr. Robert Schwartz of the Minneapolis Heart Institute at Abbott Northwestern, part of Allina Health, is one of the […]

Mercy Hospital named one of the best hospitals in the nation

Mercy Hospital named one of the best hospitals in the nation

[North Metro TV, March 27, 2014] Mercy Hospital, part of Allina Health, was the recipient of two Truven Health awards including the nation’s 100 Top Hospitals and 50 Top Cardiovascular Hospitals. “We are the only large community hospital recipient of this Top 100 hospital [award] and one of two in the state for cardiovascular 50 […]

Eating fruits and vegetables linked to healthier arteries later in life

Eating fruits and vegetables linked to healthier arteries later in life

[Science Codex, March 28, 2014] Women who ate a diet high in fresh fruits and vegetables as young adults were much less likely to have plaque build-up in their arteries 20 years later compared with those who consumed lower amounts of these foods, according to research to be presented at the American College of Cardiology’s […]

Gluten-free food defined

[KARE 11, March 25, 2014] Gluten is a hot topic these days. Maybe a friend has gone gluten-free or a family member has been diagnosed with celiac disease or a gluten sensitivity. So, what exactly is gluten? Is it something you should give up, too? Dr. Greg Plotnikoff from the Penny George Institute for Health […]