Janet Kuhrmeyer’s 15 years rocking babies back to sleep at United Hospital

Janet Kuhrmeyer

Janet Kuhrmeyer has logged more than 2,800 hours at United Hospital.

[City Pages, June 9, 2016] Every Monday at 7 a.m., Janet Kuhrmeyer arrives at the Mother Baby Center of United Hospital in St. Paul. She always goes straight for the antiseptic wipes and gives the computer keyboards and the supply cabinets, constantly in use by doctors and nurses, a good once-over.

Kuhrmeyer, 87, has volunteered in the nursery at United for the last 15 years. When acquaintances ask what she does there, Kuhrmeyer’s answer leads to instant fits of envy.

“I rock babies,” she says, smiling. Read the full story at citypages.com.

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