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Are we more stressed during summer?

[KARE 11, June 28, 2016] As much as some people loathe the winter, summer may be the more stressful time of the year. Digital coaching platform meQuilibrium looked at assessments from more than 30,000 members and found that their ability to deal with adversity diminished and stress levels went up during the summer. The company […]

What you need to know about migraine headaches

[KARE 11, June 28, 2016] More than 37 million Americans suffer from migraine headaches. Migraines are very painful, but they can also be dangerous. The symptoms often mirror those of very serious health issues including a brain aneurysm. June is Migraine Awareness Month and Dr. Jesse Corry, a neurologist with the John Nasseff Neuroscience Specialty […]