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Most Biggest Losers gain it back

[WCCO-AM, May 28, 2016] A study that followed contestants on the weight loss reality show, The Biggest Loser, found that most of them gained their weight back. Dr. Juan Blondet, a surgeon at United Hospital’s Bariatric Center, talked with WCCO Radio about why that is.

Advances in stroke treatments

[KSTP-TV, May 28, 2016] Stroke is the number one cause of disability in the United States, but there are advances being made in treating stroke and improving outcomes for victims. Dr. Jeffrey Lassig, a interventional neuroradiologist with Allina Health at United Hospital, talked with KSTP News to discuss stroke and a procedure for removing clots.

Project SEARCH helps River Falls interns with disabilities attain jobs

[KSTP-TV, May 24, 2016] A program at River Falls Area Hospital in Wisconsin is bringing young adults with intellectual disabilities into the working world, teaching them skills that will help many of them live independently. The interns experience different types of hospital work as part of the program.

How food and nutrition impacts arthritis

[KARE-TV, May 24, 2016] Did you know eating the “right” foods could have a positive impact on dealing with pain caused by arthritis? Registered dietician Barb Brower with the Penny George Institute for Health and Healing which is part of Allina Health talked with KARE 11 News to discuss the relationship between food and arthritis.

New rules would put stricter limits on high school pitch counts

[Star Tribune, May 23, 2016] The Minnesota State High School League wants to implement a pitch count limit starting with the 2017 baseball season, putting the state near the forefront nationally amid growing concerns about arm overuse among young pitchers. “The single most dangerous pitch out there right now is a hard fastball. That’s typically […]

Train your brain for sleep

[KSTP-TV, May 21, 2016] If you’re tossing and turning night after night, doctors are now saying you should put away the pill bottle and try talk therapy. Local psychologist Michael Schmitz, who specializes in behavioral sleep medicine at Abbott Northwestern, says there are new guidelines you should try therapy before pills.

Spring allergens are everywhere, and so are relief agents

[KARE-TV, May 20, 2016] If you’re sneezing, your eyes itch and your nose is running, chances are you have Spring allergies. People can have allergies in any season, but Spring is a special challenge, because so many plants are in bloom. Dr. Kenneth Johns, an Allina Health allergy specialist, says there are a number of […]

Allina Health physician says don’t rely on sunscreen

[KMSP-TV, May 18, 2016] We know we need to protect our skin from sun exposure. Dr. Sanober Amin, an Allina Health dermatologist, says there are better ways than sunscreen.

Twin Cities eye doctor offers ‘sight for soldiers’

[WCCO-TV, May 17, 2016] A Twin Cities eye doctor has found a unique way to say ‘thank you’ to members of the military. Dr. Neal Sher is internationally recognized as an expert in laser vision correction. The eye surgeon has provided sight for soldiers at no cost for more than a decade. What started with […]

Do parents overshare about their kids on the internet?

KARE-TV, May 17, 2016] From Facebook to YouTube, there’s a whole generation that’s growing up with their lives going onto the internet. From teens waking up from wisdom teeth surgery to siblings fighting, it’s almost impossible to get through a day without someone sharing a video of their child or children. The question is, should […]