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Distilling health to a single number

[Star Tribune, October 31, 2012] The future of employee wellness programs may be an individual health score, much like a consumer has a credit score. Allina Health of Minneapolis is one of the larger companies to adopt this scoring approach. Just last weekend, Allina completed assessments and personal coaching in its first year of broadly […]

Rosenblum: For some with breast cancer, Pink-tober’s end is a relief

[Star Tribune, October 28, 2012] Beth Herold never will see cancer “as a gift,” but she doesn’t fault those who do. She’s not much for pink, either, even though she has breast cancer. On Saturday, Herold joined about two dozen other women with stage 4 cancer at a workshop. The workshop is one element in […]

Sending help east for Hurricane Sandy

[KSTP-TV, Oct. 27, 2012] A group of emergency workers from Minnesota has been deployed to the east coast to help with the Hurricane Sandy recovery, even before the storm has hit. Among those deployed is Chris Breitbach with Allina Health Emergency Medical Service. The Star Tribune also reported on the Minnesota response. Read that story […]

How much Vitamin D is enough?

[KMSP Fox 9 News, Oct. 26, 2012] Researchers at Loyola University-Chicago calculate 78.7 million adults once considered to have insufficient vitamin D levels now have sufficient levels under the new guidelines. An Allina Health doctor, Greg Plotnikoff at the Penny George Institute for Health & Healing, says that is “garbage” based on his own research […]

Retail medical clinics expecting an influx of customers

[Star Tribune, Oct. 13, 2012] Walk-in clinics stand to gain a lot more customers in the years ahead. More than 30 million Americans will gain health insurance in 2014 as a result of federal health reform efforts, at a time when many doctors’ offices already are full and a physician shortage looms. MinuteClinic has forged alliances […]

Concussed: A family shares their story

[Sleepy Eye Online, Oct. 6, 2012] Fans were out in full force September 7th when the Sleepy Eye Indians High School football team traveled to St. Mary’s to do battle. The atmosphere quickly turned sour when seven minutes into the game Sleepy Eye’s Brandon Polesky didn’t get up after making a tackle. Seconds turned to […]

Pink not so “rosy” for those with advanced breast cancer

[KARE-TV, October 16, 2012] October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and the pink signs are everywhere. But not every breast cancer patient feels included. Those with advanced stage cancer have a different set of needs. Patients who belong to an Allina Health support group for people with Stage 4 breast cancer were interviewed for this story.

Study: Cheerleading injuries soar

[KMSP Fox 9 News, Oct. 22, 2012] A new study shows cheerleading injuries are soaring, and experts say it’s time to call it a sport and make rules. Brent Millikin, director of sports medicine services at Allina Sports & Orthopaedic Specialists, says Minnesota is already headed in that direction.

Accent Signage employees return to work after shooting

[KMSP Fox 9 News, Oct. 22, 2012] The surviving employees of Accent Signage have returned to work, the site of a shooting that killed six including the business owner. The mass shooting has many asking how people could overcome such a traumatic event and return to the scene to carry on the mission of those […]

A higher level of medical care

[Hutchinson Leader, Oct. 17, 2012] Ambulance service in Hutchinson has reached a higher level during the past 10 months since Allina Health Emergency Medical Service took over. An ambulance crew is now stationed at Hutchinson Community Hospital around the clock. Until this year, during most overnight hours, paramedics and emergency medical technicians were paged from […]